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Security Audits & Reviews

Security Audits

Everdon’s consultants have all participated in investigations of real-world intrusions and have a good understanding of what attack vectors are used by adversaries when attempting to access your information. Therefore, we can provide you with extensive security audits accompanied with accurate threat assessments and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of a breach.

Penetration Testing

We perform both application and network layer penetration tests with the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities and helping you to mitigate or fix such flaws.

Social Engineering

By staging a social engineering attack, we can test your organizations overall security awareness and the processes and procedures in place to prevent unlawful access through psychological manipulation of your employees.


Forensic Investigations

Everdon’s consultants have experience from a large number of forensic investigations, ranging from large scale credit card thefts to massive malware out-breaks. We have the expertise necessary in order to contribute through the entire process, from threat identification to collection of digital evidence, forensic analysis and implementation of security counter measures. We are in the technical front and continuously hone our skills. Specializing in the most advanced security breaches and intrusions gives our customers the great advantage in gaining from the latest and most sophisticated competence and countermeasures.

Litigation Services

Post-investigation Everdon Security has the capability to determine the probative value of digital evidence records. Our services in this branch range from supporting our clients in court, helping them to prepare for litigation or to provide analysis that can be used in sensitive internal investigations. We act as a technical resource in cases where digital evidence requires control and professional contestation.

Espionage - Counterintelligence Investigations

Reactionary Services

When a critical information security incident arises we have the ability to quickly assemble a team of incident response experts who can assist you in analyzing and mitigating the effects of a breach or information leak. The main focus of our reactionary delivery model is speed. The risk of catastrophic damage increases with every hour spent not knowing what data has been lost or what hosts are compromised.

Preemtive Services

Everdon Security is a trusted security partner aiding corporations in the most intricate and sensitive security matters. We can assist you in implementing pro-active security measures that will greatly reduce the risk of you losing your most sensitive data. Our primary market are European companies and organizations, but the nature of our work is international and we travel with management and specialized teams all over the world securing our customers business and critical information.

Offensive Security Services

Most of the players on the IT- and information security market today deals only in defensive security measures. Beyond ensuring a proper defensive security posture, Everdon believe in exploiting the main weaknesses that all attackers suffer from. No adversary that is planning to steal your information knows exactly what he is looking for, otherwise he would not spend time and money to unlawfully access it. Companies that know how to utilize this information advantage can implement various offensive security measures in order to detect and prevent information theft.

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