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Business Cases

Counter Intelligence Operations for large publicly traded company
A large publicly traded company needed to find out who where behind a targeted attack on high executives and board members. Everdon Security assisted in finding out who, how and the origin of the attackers funding and motives. Offensive Security Services where implemented and damage mitigated.
Counter Intelligence Operations for large European corporation
Manager at large European corporation was black-mailed and extorted to give out sensitive corporate information. Members of Everdon Security assisted in diverting and mitigating the attack through Counter Intelligence Operations and Offensive Security Services.
Counter Intelligence Operations for prestigious European Bank
A large European bank for high net worth individuals and family offices was targeted and compromised by resourceful and highly competent adversary. Their core systems where compromised by use of specially crafted Mal-ware originating from compromised printers. Members of Everdon Security assisted in mitigating the attacks by Offensive Security Operations.

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