Specialists in IT-Forensics & Preventive Cyber Security

Dynamant Group

Dynamant AB - specialists in complex transaction intensive systems

Dynamant is a value-driven IT-consulting company with extensive experience and robust trademark in banking, finance, insurance, transport and logistics. The business scope is primarily focusing on complex transaction intensive systems such as big data integrations, business critical systems, cloud solutions, web-based software modules and mobile terminals.
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Everdon Security AB - a trusted and reliable business partner for cyber security services

Everdon Security was founded in 2014 and has quickly established a trademark as a reliable business partner for cyber security services focusing to support companies and organizations with sensitive security issues related to industrial espionage and information leakage. The consultants at Everdon Security has extensive experience supporting large-scale multinational enterprises as well as smaller research - and intensive technology companies with expertise in the security field.

Stordatorbolaget AB - IT-consultants with extensive expertise within Mainframe Systems

Stordatorbolaget is an IT-specialist consulting company with extensive experience within Mainframe Systems. The company provides senior consultants, professional recruitment services and management of complex Mainframe platforms. One of the core businesses areas are complicated migrating projects between different kind of platforms.
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Everdon Security AB
Klarabergsgatan 29
111 21 Stockholm