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Counter Intelligence Operations for Large European Corporation
A manager at a large European corporation was black-mailed and extorted to give out sensitive corporate information. Members of Everdon Security assisted in diverting and mitigating the attack through Counter Intelligence Operations and Offensive Security Services


Members of Everdon Security assisted in Offensive Security Services by constructing falsified material that was handed over to the attackers making them act in such a way as to reveal their identities and agenda. At the same time Counter Intelligence Operations kept the managers and their family members safe and company operations running with minimal disturbances.

Key Benefits

  • Gaining knowledge about real counter party in the attacks

  • Gaining knowledge about the probable motives of the attack

  • Knowledge about the adversary meant that relevant and cost effective security solutions could be implemented to safeguard key personnel and resources

  • Cost effective attack diversion

  • Effective mitigation of adversary agenda benefiting shareholders

  • Feeling of control and resourcefulness is paramount in keeping the effect of the incidents felt by family members held to a minimum

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