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Counter Intelligence Operations for Prestigious European Bank
A large European bank for high net worth individuals and family offices was targeted and compromised by resourceful and highly competent adversary. Their core systems where compromised by use of specially crafted Mal-ware originating from compromised printers. Members of Everdon Security assisted in mitigating the attacks by Offensive Security Operations


In cases where the compromise of the client systems is deep and the adversary is highly skilled and resourceful the first and most effective step is to divert the attackers resources and mitigate damage to the company and its customers by implementing a well thought out maskirovka (scheme of falsified data and information) in order to gain time to effectively clean the system while minimizing damage to clients and shareholders. Members of Everdon Security assisted in crafting such a scheme saving the bank.

Key Benefits

  • Minimizing the attackers effectiveness by diverting their resources and have them question the validity of already extracted data

  • Gaining critical time in order to thoroughly clean the systems and implement a “clean segment approach” of company infrastructure

  • Gaining critical time in order to handle customer relations and change of business and client

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