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Counter Intelligence Operations for Large Publicly Traded Company
A large publicly traded company needed to find out who where behind a targeted attack on high executives and board members. Everdon Security assisted in finding out who, how and the origin of the attackers funding and motives. Offensive Security Services where implemented and damage mitigated


Everdon Security implemented Counter Intelligence Services in order to find out who the attackers where and who was financing the attacks as well as uncovering the probable motives and next steps. Everdon Security implemented Offensive Security Services to divert the attackers and foil the adversarys plots.

Key Benefits

  • Gaining knowledge about the real counter party in the attacks

  • Gaining knowledge about the probable motives of the attack

  • Knowledge about the adversary meant that relevant and cost effective security solutions could be implemented to safeguard key personnel and resources

  • Cost effective attack diversion

  • Effective mitigation of adversary agenda benefiting shareholders

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